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Tampa family law attorneys can help you manage all kinds of legal troubles that come with having a family. Family law is broad term that encompasses a variety of legal areas and underlying issues that affect families or members of a family. These areas of legal practice include:

Divorce and family matters such as these are always complicated from a legal standpoint, personally, and on an emotional level. There are many issues that come into play that most people may not think of when they first consider getting a divorce. To help make sure that you have considered every option, please consult one of the Tampa family lawyers listed on this page.

"Family Law" covers divorce, but a family lawyer may also be called upon in assisting a minor petitioning to become an adult (emancipation); preparing medical consent forms for traveling minors; drafting consent forms for child counseling, or child immunization forms for school or travel abroad; representing the minor or parent of a minor in a contested abortion matter; or filing authorizations for grandparents to possess a child.

Obviously, divorce is not what a couple envisions when they are first married. In that sense, though a divorce may absolutely be the correct action under a given set of circumstances, it is still sad when it happens. On the other hand, one of the most personally rewarding legal services performed by a respected Tampa family law attorney is to assist in the filing of a petition for adoption. Usually the husband and wife have attempted a number of methods in order to have their own child with no success. They have so much love to give and only want a child to give it to. Divorce is so prevalent in our society. When Tampa family attorneys are retained and given the chance to make a family happier, they are glad to do it!

Contact a caring Tampa adoption attorney today!

Private Adoption is an adoption plan made between a pregnant mother and a family who then come to an attorney to complete the legal adoption.  The adopting parent may only pay legal and medical expenses.

Step parent adoption is a simpler process where the non-custodial parent gives permission for the step parent to adopt.

Agency adoption is an adoption plan made with a licensed agency, adopting parents, and a birth parent. Adoptive parents and birth parents decide on the level of openness they plan to share.

Family members may also choose to adopt other family members. International home studies are prepared by experienced adoption workers for parents seeking adoption from other countries.

Foster parent adoption of a CPS child(ren) is completed with the consent of the child’s CPS worker.

Re-adoption is a process where children adopted internationally can obtain new U.S. birth certificates under a Florida adoption decree.


Important Inquiries When Considering an Adoption Lawyer in Tampa


  1. What is the average cost of an adoption in Tampa?
  2. How does the Tampa lawyer bill for his or her services? Is the fee is hourly or a flat fee?
  3. Will a retainer be required in advance, and, if so, how much?
  4. What happens to the retainer if the birth mother changes her mind about the adoption?


  1. What is the experience of the Tampa adoption attorney?
  2. How long has he or she worked in Hillsborough County performing adoptions?
  3. How many non-relative Hillsborough County adoptions has the attorney completed?
  4. What percentage of the Tampa attorney's total practice is devoted to adoption?


  1. What services are actually provided?
  2. Does the Hillsborough County, Florida adoption attorney actively assist in finding a person wanting to place a child for adoption as well as handling the necessary legal work? Attorneys in some states cannot match you to a birth mother (a practice that is allowed in many states). Make sure that you and the birth parents are represented by different attorneys.


  1. What is the lawyer's general philosophy about adoption?
  2. Why does he or she perform adoption legal services?
  3. Does the Tampa adoption lawyer handle open adoptions, confidential adoptions, or both?
  4. Do you have strong feelings about openness?
  5. Will the lawyer's office keep you up-to-date and involved?

Things to Think About

  1. Does the Tampa adoption lawyer answer your questions to your satisfaction?
  2. Does the lawyer return your phone calls promptly?
  3. Is the lawyer sensitive to your feelings?
  4. Is the lawyer well informed about adoption law?
  5. Is the lawyer well organized?
  6. Does the Tampa adoption attorney pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable with the decision-making process?
  7. Does the lawyer openly discuss the financial and emotional risks involved?

Low or No Cost Health Care Resources

Many times the same families who need the help of a family lawyer also need assistance with health care for themselves and their families. Here is a list of low or no cost health care centers ready to serve them.


Tampa Family Health Center
1502 E. Fowler Avenue
Tampa, FL 33612-5416
(813) 866-0950
Tampa Family Health Center
1514 N. Florida Avenue, Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33602-2602
(813) 490-1957
Tampa Family Health Center  20
4422 E. Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33605-3233
(813) 866-0930
West Tampa Health Center
 2103 N. Rome Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607-3509
(813) 490-1426
John Darby Assisted Living Facility
1229 E. 131st Avenue
Tampa, FL 33612-3624
(813) 866-0930
Tampa Family Health Centers 18
8213 W. Waters Avenue
Tampa, FL 33615-1822
(813) 490-5420
Hillsborough Co. Downtown Health Center
1105 E. Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 307-8000
Floyd "Doc" Kelton Health Center
4704-B W. Montgomery Avenue
Tampa, FL 33616
(813) 307-8055
Joyce Ely Health Center
205 14th Avenue South East
Ruskin, FL 33570
(813) 307-8056
Hargrett Building Health Center
2002 East 26th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 307-8077
Sulphur Springs Health Center
8605 N. Mitchell Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 307-8054
North Hillsborough Health Center
9827 N. Sheldon Road
Tampa, FL 33635
(813) 307-8053
University Area Community Health Center
13601 North 22nd Street
Tampa, FL 33613
(813) 307-8058
TB Clinic
8515 N. Mitchell Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 307-8047


Choose a family lawyer or adoption attorney in Tampa from the list on this page and take the first step to a new life!

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